The Real Cost of Your Surgery

Have you ever received that one medical bill and think “how can it cost that much?” Shouldn’t my insurance plan have covered this? Unfortunately, this occurrence happens more frequently than you think.

Once you recover from the shock of your enormous medical bill, you then must figure out how to pay the bill without going into debt. Surprise medical bills include any unexpected costs that are acquired by a patient after medical care.

While this situation can happen to anyone, bills usually originate from:

  1. Out-of-network charges: People become subject to out of network charges when their insurance plan does not cover parts of their medical bill. This can include anything from doctors that aren’t included in your plan, to medication and more that were never consented to.
  2. Unexpected facility fees: Often patients are charged for costs that aren’t initially factored into the original estimated bill. Charges for a procedure involves three separate charges –– the surgeon’s fee, the facility fee and the anesthesia fee. Frequently patients focus on only the fee for the procedure itself and forget the rest, leaving them with a higher bill than originally estimated.
  3. Balance bills: Also known as extra billing, this occurs when patients are expected to cover the difference between what a doctor charges and what the patient’s insurance plan covers.

If you have the time, research the estimated costs, doctors and facilities that provide you with the best benefits. It is important to know what places have great care but are also covered by your insurance plan. If they aren’t covered by your plan, it’s even more important to know exactly how much your hospital trip is going to cost you.

Avoid surprise medical bills and do your research. Know what your surgery is actually going to cost you before you get it.

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