Disability Insurance Plans

Although less popular and not as well known as normal health insurance coverage, disability insurance plans often hold more significance if you are injured at work — or need to miss work due to an injury or illness.

Despite the fact that chances of becoming disabled are much greater than dying, many employers continue to reduce or eliminate disability insurance from their benefit packages. Often used as a cost saving measure to offset cover the rising costs of medical insurance, these cuts leave employees without the proper coverage they need.

The experienced professionals at Prime Insurance Service assist with reviewing your current insurance coverages and determining how best to fill the gaps with disability insurance.

When employers remove disability insurance from work benefit packages, employees are often forced into declaring personal bankruptcy directly due to medical bills. Expenses such as basic living expenses or mortgage payments pile up while they are laid up for weeks or months without income.

Avoid debt and take precautions with an affordable disability insurance plan. It can mean the difference between knowing you are covered if you are unable to work or worrying about finances at a time when you are least equipped to handle it.

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