Based in Grand Rapids with an office in Farmington Hills, Prime Insurance Service is a statewide provider of health care, life, dental, vision and disability insurance policies. The 34-year-old agency specializes in providing a wide range of health care insurance packages for individuals who are eligible for Medicare or looking for coverage during open enrollment and Special Election periods.

Chuck and Tim Henk, the two principles of Prime Insurance are licensed health and life insurance agents. They have made it a priority to respond within one hour to inquiries from individuals about health insurance.

Prime Insurance Service does not charge its clients fees or commissions for its work –– the costs are borne by the insurers. Individuals pay the same for policies written by Priority Health or Blue Cross Blue Shield regardless of whether they deal directly with those insurance companies or have Prime Insurance originate the policies.

Chuck Henk

After graduating from Davenport College and working a dozen years in the life and health insurance industry, Chuck launched Prime Insurance Service in 1986 as an independent agent. The idea was to craft customized plans for individuals and families who needed affordable coverage.

Over the past three decades, Chuck has accumulated broad experience in advising clients based on their personal situations. He has also kept current with the tremendous changes that have taken place throughout health care delivery and insurance in America.

As a father of four children, Chuck knows first-hand how important it is for his clients to balance coverage with affordability. He specializes in helping clients who need to navigate the ins-and-outs of Medicare coverage.

When he isn’t working, Chuck spends his spare time kayaking, fishing and competing in barbecue competitions.

Tim Henk

Tim joined his father at Prime Insurance Service in 2000 with a dedication to help people obtain affordable health care coverage as individuals or employees of smaller companies. In the past 20 years, Tim has continued his extensive experience in health, life, and dental insurance programs. He consistently educates himself on the latest changes with the Affordable Care Act and the federal website that serves as the link to consumers. He strives for his clients to have the best available information and options. Tim regularly receives referrals from other insurance agents of clients who have unusual or challenging situations.

When he’s not helping clients, Tim enjoys fishing, playing cards, baseball and time with his family.

For more information about Prime Insurance Service, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.940.8118.




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